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Solar Roof Top Solution - Grid Connected Rooftop

Off Grid Solar System(Solar Power Pack & Street lighting solutions)

Solar & DG hybrid system

Solar Pumping System

Solar Water heating system

Solar component manufacturing (forth coming)

Advantages of Solar
• Net metering incentives from state power utilities
• Accelerated depreciations
• Capital subsidies 30% from MNRE for Domestic & noncommercial buildings.
• Zero fuel /input cost and negligible maintenance for life time.
• Renewable energy certificates - NAPCC targets 15% Renewable purchase obligations by FY 2022. Help to reduce carbon foot prints
Strengthening ecosystems to ensure healthy communities through a team of committed and value-based professionals.

Technical Benefits

• Utilization of available vacant roof space;
• Low gestation period;
• Lower transmission and distribution losses;
• Improvement in the tail-end grid voltages and reduction of system congestion;
• Loss mitigation by utilization of distribution network as a source of storage through net metering;
• Long term energy and ecological security by reduction in carbon emission.
• Abatement of about 60 million tons of CO2 per year over its life cycle;
• Better Management of daytime peak loads by DISCOM/ utility;
• Meeting of the renewable purchase obligations (RPOs) of obligated entities which are targeted at 8% of electricity consumption;
• Minimal technical losses as power consumption and generation are collocated.

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