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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR, also called corporate conscience, corporate citizenship or responsible business) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model.
Effective CSR has a lasting effect on social, educational and environmental issues. It’s more than just supporting charities with financial donations. Fundraisers need to think smarter. It’s time to stop chasing piecemeal pockets of money, and start to initiate disruptive philanthropy – long-term interventions that are the result of a collaboration between corporations, Government, charities, NGOs and philanthropists. Effective change can only happen in partnership.
We can learn some great lessons from the best corporate philanthropy that focusses on a particular need, gathering expertise, manpower and ideas, in order to make things happen. We keep target of disruptive philanthropy tackling rural electrification, making life more lively, worldwide, in unique ways. In our model, we take an active approach to ‘solve’ key, world issues starting with locally ( Glocalisation- Globalisation starting with localisation) through entrepreneurial partnerships.
The impact can be long-term or very immediate, and it doesn’t have to be large-scale – small-scale can make a difference, as can in-kind support.
With keeping in mind so we started talking with couple well respected companies to take this initiation ahead….

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